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  • Receive regular updates what’s happening in our 48 Unity EE System center in Inishowen.

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Our Services

At Beyond Light Therapy, we go above and beyond to provide a service that prioritizes the needs of our clients. We value the trust placed in us by those who choose to experience the EESystem, and we strive to create a safe and inspiring environment from the moment they arrive.

Our user-friendly website is designed to make your journey seamless, whether you’re booking an appointment, finding directions to our Inishowen location, or accessing important information to help you make an informed decision.

But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a game-changing experience in Inishowen: the 48-unit EESystem (coming soon). As the first of its kind in Ireland and Europe, this remarkable technology offers morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight sessions.

Imagine the power of an overnight stay in the 48-unit EESystem, where you can recharge your cellular batteries like never before. This transformative experience will forever change your perception of Scalar and Photonic Energy, offering benefits like Anti-Aging Technology, Telomere lengthening, and DNA repair.

We humbly acknowledge the pioneers like Tesla and Dr. Sandra whose work has paved the way for the extraordinary technology we have access to. Visit our research pages for in-depth information by Dr. Sandra, where she explains the incredible benefits of spending time in the EESystem.

On our Beyond Light Therapy website, you’ll also find helpful resources like our Google Maps location, ensuring you arrive safely and with plenty of time. Discover the surrounding areas, including accommodation options for every budget, diverse dining experiences, and fascinating attractions unique to our beautiful Inishowen region.

Prepare for an exceptional experience with us as your hosts. Regardless of the season, we look forward to sharing all that we have to offer and making your visit truly unforgettable.

A Deeper Dive Into the Science Behind the Energy Enhancement System Technology

Our Values

Welcome to BeyondLightTherapy – a cutting-edge company dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of the universe’s first light, known as ‘God’s Breathe’ within the scientific community.

Nikola Tesla - The Visionary

As believers in Nikola Tesla's groundbreaking discoveries, we embark on a quest to unlock the full potential of this extraordinary technology and propel it into the future. Through meticulous research and innovation, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of this field.

The Highest Standards

At BeyondLightTherapy, we prioritize the highest standards of quality and abundance for the benefit of all. Our vision is rooted in the understanding that this divine gift holds immense promise for personal growth and well-being.

Your Well-being Is Our Paramount Focus

Experience the utmost serenity and safety during your stay at our sanctuary in Inishowen. We hold the well-being of every individual as our paramount focus, fostering an environment where you can truly unwind and rejuvenate. Aloha.

Discover the Potential Within

Optimize your spiritual journey with BeyondLightTherapy – the leading source for harnessing the power of optimal wellbeing and discovering the potential within you. Explore our website now to embark on a transformative path towards inner harmony and holistic healing.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

Our Vision

Welcome to our sanctuary in Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland, where we embark on a mission to provide a unique and extraordinary experience for those seeking more in life. 

At the heart of our vision is the understanding of scalar waves – fifth-dimensional, non-linear energy that transcends time and space, offering unconditioned and uncontaminated potential.

Scalar Energy - The Life Force

Scalar energy is the life force, an infinite wave of natural cold fusion, pulsating with limitless power. Our purpose is to create a space dedicated to hosting the 48-unit Energy Enhancement System, unlocking the individual's unique journey towards self-discovery and transformation.

Being Intentional

We believe in the process of uncovering one's true potential, a path that requires time and intentionality. It is a time to embrace clarity, setting forth on a new way of being, guided by the boundless energy within.

Vibrant Health

Within our bodies, the vitality of red blood cells flows, charged with a delicate balance of positive and negative energy. Vibrant health is marked by high-energy vibrations, where cells thrive at a charge of 70-90 millivolts. Conversely, unhealthy cells exhibit lower charges, around 20 millivolts.

Profound Shift - Optimal Well-being

At our sanctuary, we envision a future where individuals experience a profound shift in their life force, recharging their cells, repairing DNA, and optimizing the length of telomeres for anti-aging and optimal well-being.

Begin Your Transformation

Join us on this transformative journey, where the power of scalar waves and the potential within you converge. Unleash your true vitality, embrace holistic rejuvenation, and step into a state of thriving well-being. Begin your extraordinary transformation today.

At the intersection of light and electricity lies The Energy Enhancement System, a groundbreaking invention with immense future wellness potential. Nikola Tesla revealed the power of gravity, electricity, and magnetism—energies propelling us toward optimum potential.

We all yearn for ultimate potential, regardless of our differences. Scalar Energy defies logic, yet the science-backed evidence is undeniably compelling, unlocking the infinite energy known as free zero energy.


Our mission: to bring Scalar Energy to the world through a unique 48-unit Energy Enhancement System. As the first of its kind in Europe, we proudly extend its transformative benefits to the people of Ireland and beyond.

We empower individuals to harness their human potential by embarking on their own journey of discovery. Tap into your inherent light and love, accessing boundless energy and unlocking your true potential.

Why We Do This.

Why embark on this extraordinary journey?

With the decision made and our unwavering commitment, we embrace the thrilling unknown that lies ahead. Just 10 months until the doors open in Inishowen, our mission is fueled by the transformative power of the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem).

The evidence is compelling, the science-proven third-party information undeniably captivating. Scalar Energy, the boundless life force of pure potential, defies convention, and we are driven to uncover its secrets. Inspired by the genius of Nikola Tesla, we strive to catch up with this revolutionary technology, embracing the challenge with unrelenting determination.

In the heart of beautiful Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland, we envision a sanctuary where the extraordinary becomes the norm. A place where individuals can unlock their hidden potential and experience profound change. It is within this unique and sacred space that dreams are realized, and lives are forever transformed.

Embarking On A New Path

We stand firm in our belief that each person’s journey is unique, a tapestry woven with intention and time. We create an environment of safety and inspiration, where individuals can clarify their intentions and embark on a new way of being. Through the Energy Enhancement System, we pave the path to vibrant health, igniting the body’s innate capacity to heal, recharge, and thrive.

Our journey has been marked by business meetings, endless possibilities, and a deep commitment to health and well-being. We have met incredible individuals along the way, forgetting the passage of time as we delve into new and exciting realms of knowledge. Business and people are our forte, and we are blessed to possess the skills to bring visionary ideas to life.

As holistic practitioner (Josephine), serial entrepreneur (Mohneesh), and passionate learners, we are fueled by curiosity and the desire to explore new frontiers. Together, we have forged a partnership based on trust, complementing each other’s strengths effortlessly. We understand the power of collaboration, allowing us to manifest our visions in ways that surpass expectations.

Transcending The Ordinary

This project is our latest endeavor, the culmination of our entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable thirst for growth. We understand that the world craves something exceptional, and we are here to deliver. Our dedicated team of like-minded individuals supports us, ensuring that our vision becomes a reality.

The future beckons, and we are ready to create a sanctuary that transcends the ordinary. With every passing day, the science-proven potential of Photonic Energy Scalar Wave technology becomes clearer. We are in awe of its anti-aging properties and DNA repair capabilities, knowing that this breakthrough will revolutionize well-being.

With unwavering dedication, we have embarked on a journey that knows no return. As we navigate uncharted waters, we trust in the guiding force that propels us forward. We are the change we wish to see in the world, and through the Energy Enhancement System, we extend this transformative power to all who seek it.

Our why is rooted in service, in making a positive impact on the lives of others. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, as we unlock the limitless potential that resides within each of us. Together, let us embrace the unknown, break barriers, and create a world where vibrant health and boundless well-being are within reach for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have installed the first 48 Unit System outside of the US.

The EE-System is a super innovative gadget created by the amazing Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, who holds impressive credentials like a Ph.D., DNM, and DCSJl.

With her expertise, this gadget uses something called “Bio-scalar photon fusion technology” to make special energy fields with the help of custom-installed computers.

These fields do lots of cool things, like helping our cells, boosting our immune system, stopping pain, cleaning out our bodies, making us happy, and even balancing our brain for more energy. It’s like having a super cool friend for our health, thanks to the incredible Dr. Sandra Rose Michael!

Get comfy in your favourite clothes and stay hydrated (our bathroom is right there for you).

If you fancy, you can bring your favorite blanket.

Oh, and your mobile phone and all other electronic gadgets will be stored safely in a personal locker we’ll provide for you outside of the room. You will be able to pick it up once the session is completed. 

Chill out during the session in our super comfy beds/recliners.

If you’d rather stretch out on the floor with your own yoga mat, feel free to bring it along.

Close those eyes and catch some Z’s – it’s totally cool.

Keep the room zen by keeping the chatter down; silence is golden. We all want to respect and support each other’s healing journey. And hey, if you need some extra comfort, we’ve go blankets waiting for you. So, just relax and make yourself at home!

Figuring this one out is like solving a puzzle because everyone’s unique.

While most people usually feel a bunch of good stuff after the sessions, there’s no one-size-fits-all rulebook. We’re all different, after all!

Guess what? There’s no such thing as too much healthy energy – the more, the merrier!

At our center, we’ve got slots during the day (1 hour, 2 hours spaced out throughout the day COMING SOON) and at night, we’re rolling with an 11-hour session.

So, whether it’s a quick energy boost or an overnight recharge, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got space for 15 during the day and a cozy spot for 10 at night.

Just a heads up, though – it’s all by appointment ONLY!

So, if you’re looking to soak in those good vibes, make sure to schedule your spot in advance. See you soon!

So, here’s the post-session scoop straight from the EE-system inventor, Dr Sandra Rose Michaels: it’s highly recommended (actually, you must!) treat yourself to a detox bath at home – just 30 minutes with 2 cups of baking soda and 2 cups of sea salt.

Keep that hydration game strong with plenty of water to flush out those toxins.

It’s all about that post-session self-care!

Good news! The EE-System is like an eco-friendly superhero – totally safe for the environment.

Now, here’s the real talk: you might feel some detox symptoms, but no worries! Just hop in that detox bath, and those feelings will likely pass.

It’s all part of the process as your body kicks toxins to the curb.

So, think of it as a little spring cleaning for your system – totally normal and good vibes all the way!

Absolutely! We welcome children of all ages.

Kids up to and including 15 years old enjoy a special pricing.

To ensure a peaceful environment for our other guests, we recommend booking an overnight stay if you have little ones.

Remember, children should always be accompanied by a paying adult.

If you’re planning to visit with small children, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your booking.

At this moment, pets are not allowed – but we’re already looking into making the EE System available for pets and animals.

We’re open for pre-bookings and running by appointment only, no walk-ins allowed.

Bookings need to be made in advance for any session.

If you’re snagging a discount package or booking an overnight session, we kindly ask for online payment right away since spaces are limited and in high demand.

If you need to cancel, just give us a heads up 4 days in advance, and there’s a €50 cancellation fee.

We appreciate your understanding!

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